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Sion Valor and Medusa Serpentine are high-ranking magicians from a foreign country. In addition to being powerful spell casters, they are also able to use more conventional weapons in battle, thus balancing out their skill set.


Sion comes from a poor family of commoners, but her genius allowed her to enter the nation's renowned magical academy, where Medusa (who hails from a renowned family of magicians) and her met. Although starting as rivals, they eventually formed a strong friendship and both became the best graduates of the academy.

At one point, their country was invaded by Orc army which brought further disorder to a nation that was already having to deal with lots of bandits and occasional demons. This prompted Sion and Medusa to attempt to reach the border and leave their collapsing homeland. They were given 2 powerful relic weapons made of dragonite (a very strong alloy) by the academy to aid them in their journey - a spear for Sion and a longsword for Medusa. These weapons had been kept in the academy since its founding to serve as a reminder of their original wielder - a dragon girl who, with the help of some other magicians, fought and won against attacking demons, but also met her own end in the battle. Eventually, Sion and Medusa successfully managed to leave their country and join a different academy abroad.